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At Tiger Fist, we truly believe that training is the beginning of self discovery, personal mastery, and a whole new you…because frankly, that has been the case for many of us.

Many people believe that martial arts is about fighting, but that is only partly true.  We do train you to be able to protect yourself, but for hundreds of years, martial arts has been a means of self-discovery, self-improvement, and personal mastery.

Master Mike – 9th Dan

This will be a custom description of your master.

Master Mike trained under various instructors in YOUR MARTIAL ART, before traveling abroad to hone his art into what it is today.

Master Mike has been studying martial arts for 34 years and has also trained in Shito Ryu & Judo.  Additionally, he has spent time training with some of the best trainers in many other martial arts.

Master Mike is also an expert in the Japanese sword (nihonto) and knife (tanto).

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